The Internet Has Essentially Changed The Way We Work As Human Beings.

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FISTICUFFS As politicians saw the power of Twitter to mobilize support, the network was flooded by digital armies of volunteers and automated accounts, or bots, spawning what Shafiq Pontoh, chief strategic officer at Jakarta-based social media consultancy Provetic, described as a "tsunami" of "black campaigns, hoaxes, prejudice, racism, spam, harassment, anonymous accounts and political action to frame topics, issues (and) spin doctoring." "Twitter," he said, "became an uncomfortable place to be." This antagonism hit rock bottom when two Twitter users took a dispute over government car-making policies offline and slugged it out near a sports stadium. Cellphone footage of their fist-fight was broadcast on TV. "After that it felt like that if you don't want to get into trouble, people would retreat and find a more comfortable space online," said Nasution, the entrepreneur. Those online spaces include Facebook's WhatsApp and Messenger apps, South Korean Kakao's Path, Japan's Naver Corp's LINE and BlackBerry's Messenger. Nasution said students he has spoken to use WhatsApp to communicate with their lecturer, and LINE to chat with each other. Or Facebook and Path, says student Jeremiah Mandey, who joined Twitter in 2010. "I used Twitter to interact with friends, but now I use it to get news," he said. MISSING A CULTURAL BEAT Government departments, companies and even President Joko Widodo have embraced Twitter as a public announcement service. The Jakarta police traffic feed, alerting commuters to jams, accidents, potholes and protests, has over 5 million followers. This provides a service, but is too passive for younger people, says Aulia Masna, an editor.

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